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Building an tube amp is like to work with somebody’s soul. when you done the amp sounds always little different, just like human.

There is a lots of things involved, and since my amps are hand build using only the best available components, the final result is undeniable.

I been building tube amps for a at least 15 years and every time I’m learning something new.

Since the product options are limited. The tube amp is carefully tested and consulted with each customer for a period of time to make sure that everything  is working properly, and it sounds the way you want it.



Test this tube amplifier!

image For a better idea is ready for you insoud recording FENDER STRATOCASTER (position of the bridge-middle-neck edge and just across the Tube Screamer) a GIBSON Les Paul (bridge pickup and the edge over the Tube Screamer and fuzz), which can bring the uniqueness of the sound MV50. For the record components were used: Fender Stratocaster ® + Maxon OD-808 TS 1b-9, Milanek MV50 amplifier, microphone Shure SM57 - Preamp AEA - Converter Apogee AD-16x, without using EQ. Components can be seen in this video.

Shipping Anywhere

Shipping AnywhereAlthough we prefer personal collection, presentation and testing, lamp amplifiers MILANEK you can be transported to any place in the world. Payment is possible in advance of invoice or receipt to delivery.

All in One Package

All in One PackageTube amplifier packs already includes the power cord plugs 240V/50Hz with hybrid-type E / F (CEE 7 / 7), or 160V/60Hz with B-type plug (NEMA 5-15 and NEMA 5-20).
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